Virtual Boy - the Gaming home console of Nintendo (VBOY)

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Virtual Boy (VBOY)

Virtual Boy - the first home video game console, created by Nintendo, is able to display "real" three-dimensional graphics. Most gaming systems used to create the apparent volume of a perspective projection onto a flat screen. Virtual Boy allows you to create a more accurate illusion of volume by using the parallax effect. It uses technology similar to "head display" (the so-called "virtual reality helmet") — the user puts the face in a pair of rubber shock absorbers on the front of the device, and two special monochrome (black-red) on the projector transfer the image separately for each eye. The system was released on 21 July 1995 in Japan and August 14 of the same year in the US, at around $ 180. However, the interest of the buyers, it did not cause, in spite of the constant decline in prices. As a consequence, the support system was discontinued the following year.