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Game cover Zanac (Dendy - nes)
Excellent horizontal letalka-shooter game. Music is just brutal, so many objects on the screen do not afford many games from more advanced prefixes, and and it is not necessary to speak about the most...
Screenshot - game Zanac (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Zelda - Shen Qi De Mao Zi (Dendy - nes)
The next newly made hand-made article from Nanjing office this time on Zelda. As well as other similar rolevka from this office, a game is made on a company cursor and on music and graphics it is easi...
Screenshot - game Zelda - Shen Qi De Mao Zi (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Zelda II - The Adventure of Link (Dendy - nes)
Second part of the well-known series. Two types of a game: a side view - we go on rooms and on the cities, the top view - we walk according to the world map. Differs from the first series quite strong...
Screenshot - game Zelda II - The Adventure of Link (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Zelda no Densetsu 1 - The Hyrule Fantasy (Dendy - nes)
First part of the well-known series. A game is not so good what it will become on SNES, but also it is interesting to play this. The top view on the little man - the Link. Crowds of enemies (naturally...
Screenshot - game Zelda no Densetsu 1 - The Hyrule Fantasy (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Zen - Intergalactic Ninja (Dendy - nes)
Game is based on a series of comic books about the Intergallaktichesky Ninjia to Zena. Trust it only very important issues of planetary scale connected with ekologiyesky subject. Here and now, we shou...
Screenshot - game Zen - Intergalactic Ninja (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Zenbei!! Pro Basket (Dendy - nes)
Quite good simulator of basketball. Decent music, nice graphics and interesting game process. The view of the basketball field is given because of one of grids, towards another. Any prospect....
Screenshot - game Zenbei!! Pro Basket (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Zhen Ben Xi You Ji (Dendy - nes)

Average quality fayting. It is not remarkable.

Screenshot - game Zhen Ben Xi You Ji (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Zhong Guo Xiang Qi (Chinese Chess) (Dendy - nes)

Not too fancy Chinese chess. A game on the fan, and on the one who knows rules.

Screenshot - game Zhong Guo Xiang Qi (Chinese Chess) (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Zippy Race (Dendy - nes)
Unpretentious gonochka on motorcycles. More precisely, the motorcycle only one - yours. And you compete with cars. On start your position No. 100, and a task, certainly, to reject zero from this numbe...
Screenshot - game Zippy Race (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Zoids - Chuuou Tairiku no Tatakai (Dendy - nes)

A game based on an anime - Zoids most likely about the brutish robots piloted by people. A game represents a certain similarity of a rolevka. The top view, bustle along corridors, and the main cha...

Screenshot - game Zoids - Chuuou Tairiku no Tatakai (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Zoids 2 - Zenebas no Gyakushuu (Dendy - nes)

A game based on an anime - Zoids. The second part differs from the first in the fact that instead of a dinosaur now we operate the person, in the pilot's suit. A game represents a certain similari...

Screenshot - game Zoids 2 - Zenebas no Gyakushuu (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Zoids Mokushiroku (Dendy - nes)
Step-by-step strategy based on an anime of Zoids. At our disposal group of dinozavropodobny robots, moving which and battling against enemy objects, it is necessary to reach a victory....
Screenshot - game Zoids Mokushiroku (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Zombie Hunter (Dendy - nes)

Quite primitive similarity of a rolevka with a side view. The knight in an armor and with a sword gets over from one location on another, destroying enemies on one strictly in turn. The knight has...

Screenshot - game Zombie Hunter (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Zombie Nation (Dendy - nes)

Little unusual horizontal letalka-shooter game. You act as the huge head bearing horror and destructions. It is necessary to bomb and set fire to houses, to eat the people who dropped out of a win...

Screenshot - game Zombie Nation (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Zunou Senkan Galg (Dendy - nes)

Unpretentious letalka-shooter game. Top view, movement from below up. Enemies are quite various, but a game quite old to be remarkable for today.

Screenshot - game Zunou Senkan Galg (Dendy - nes)

Dendy/Денди (NES)

Famicon - the name Dendy has been known in Japan. Appeared on the market in 1983 and then renamed the NES, was released in the U.S. and Europe. The console immediately became a bestseller and has managed to gain unprecedented popularity on the American and Japanese markets. The most popular games for the console were games from the Super Mario Bros (even now this side-series is a huge success). The "face" of Nintendo was Mario is the main character. According to official figures, has sold more than 60 consoles and games more than 500 million.

The output of the console, many critics attribute the revival of the market of the gaming industry in connection with a computer crisis in the market of computer games. All this is of course the fact that it was released a huge variety of games, which of course sparked the interest of both investors and consumers. In the early 90-ies of the Dandy began to take positions, retreating before the onslaught of for example, a high consoles. SegaMega Drive - the main competitor of the Dandy at the time. The next blow for the console was the emergence of such a powerful gaming system like the SuperNintendo (SNES/Super Famicom). But, despite this release, the console has continued in 1992.

Nintendo has released a new batch of Dandy. This was due to the arrival of the useless older versions. Since 1993, the year the NES appeared in Russia, and it was illegally manufactured system from China. Its distributed by firm Steepler. The discontinuation of the console was officially announced in 1995. However, due to computer emulators the entire library of Nes available to users now.