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Game cover Q Boy (Dendy - nes)
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Screenshot - game Q Boy (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Q-bert (Dendy - nes)
Remeyik of an old semi-logical toy from the gaming machine. The hero - a small red ball on legs. It jumps on a volume short flight of stairs which is visible in an isometry, in all 4 parties. The purp...
Screenshot - game Q-bert (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Qi Guo Da Zhan (Dendy - nes)
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Screenshot - game Qi Guo Da Zhan (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Qi Wang - Chinese Chess (Dendy - nes)
Not too fancy Chinese chess. A game on the fan, and on the one who knows rules....
Screenshot - game Qi Wang - Chinese Chess (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Qix (Dendy - nes)
Remake of quite old toy from the arcade machine. The sense is simple as all ingenious. We have the field on which border the circle moves. this circle can interfere in the field and cut off from it pi...
Screenshot - game Qix (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Quarter Back Scramble (Dendy - nes)
Very beautiful and quite full-fledged simulator of the American soccer. The look in the field strictly from above, the camera moves for the player owning a ball. At a draw of a ball there is an opport...
Screenshot - game Quarter Back Scramble (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Quarth (Dendy - nes)
Remote clone of a tetris. A certain fantastic aircraft moves from below up an infinite glass. In it the tetrisopodobny figures which stuck to each other and separately lie. The device shoots bricks wh...
Screenshot - game Quarth (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Quattro Adventure (Dendy - nes)
The small collection of games from Codemasters: a browser and quest in one - Linus Spacehead, a browser of Super Robin hood, a browser of boomerang King and quest of Treasure Island Dizzy....
Screenshot - game Quattro Adventure (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Quattro Arcade (Dendy - nes)
The collection of toys from Codemasters: C.J., Stunt Buggies, F16 Renegade, Go! Dizzy Go!....
Screenshot - game Quattro Arcade (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Quattro Sports (Dendy - nes)
The collection of sports simulators from Codemasters: Baseball Pros, BMX Simulator, Soccer Simulator, Pro Tennis. The second is present at a separate ripnuty look and pokhachenny for work with the ord...
Screenshot - game Quattro Sports (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Quest of Ki, The (Dendy - nes)
Unsightly browser. The dark-haired girl (and can also the boy) dressed in something shapeless runs on rooms of some lock. One room - one level. In each room there are a key and a door for this key. It...
Screenshot - game Quest of Ki, The (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Quinty (Dendy - nes)
Strange browser with the top view. On the rectangular field identical small squares which can be removed as cards from a pack lie. Some are turned by shirts up and mean prizes. Besides, across the fie...
Screenshot - game Quinty (Dendy - nes)

Dendy/Денди (NES)

Famicon - the name Dendy has been known in Japan. Appeared on the market in 1983 and then renamed the NES, was released in the U.S. and Europe. The console immediately became a bestseller and has managed to gain unprecedented popularity on the American and Japanese markets. The most popular games for the console were games from the Super Mario Bros (even now this side-series is a huge success). The "face" of Nintendo was Mario is the main character. According to official figures, has sold more than 60 consoles and games more than 500 million.

The output of the console, many critics attribute the revival of the market of the gaming industry in connection with a computer crisis in the market of computer games. All this is of course the fact that it was released a huge variety of games, which of course sparked the interest of both investors and consumers. In the early 90-ies of the Dandy began to take positions, retreating before the onslaught of for example, a high consoles. SegaMega Drive - the main competitor of the Dandy at the time. The next blow for the console was the emergence of such a powerful gaming system like the SuperNintendo (SNES/Super Famicom). But, despite this release, the console has continued in 1992.

Nintendo has released a new batch of Dandy. This was due to the arrival of the useless older versions. Since 1993, the year the NES appeared in Russia, and it was illegally manufactured system from China. Its distributed by firm Steepler. The discontinuation of the console was officially announced in 1995. However, due to computer emulators the entire library of Nes available to users now.