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Game cover Earthbound (Dendy - nes)
Very beautiful adventure game with quest impurity. A side view on the rooms drawn in an isometry, and on the street - the top view too in an isometry. All characters are drawn absolutely small with th...
Screenshot - game Earthbound (Dendy - nes)
Game cover EarthWorm Jim 2 (Dendy - nes)
"The second part of a segovsky worm of Jim postponed for NES. On piracy cartridges it was divided into two parts numbered as 2 and 4. Objectively speaking, a game awful. But all the same with mysterio...
Screenshot - game EarthWorm Jim 2 (Dendy - nes)
Game cover EarthWorm Jim 3 (Dendy - nes)
Actually the third part does not exist. It is the first part of a worm of Jim postponed with Segi for NES. Owing to hardware restrictions of a prefix, it even turned out incomplete: 6 small levels on ...
Screenshot - game EarthWorm Jim 3 (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Eggland - Meikyuu no Fukkatsu (Dendy - nes)
Primogenitor of quite interesting series of logical toys known under the name Adventures of Lolo. From it it is not necessary to wait for much, but the sense of a game will not change throughout three...
Screenshot - game Eggland - Meikyuu no Fukkatsu (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Egypt (Dendy - nes)
Remarkable logical game. Very beautiful graphics and quite good music only as a background to an interesting puzzle. The sense is simple: the square field, on it is certain objects and stones with sho...
Screenshot - game Egypt (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Elevator Action (Dendy - nes)
Old classical espionage browser. The purpose - to go down from a skyscraper roof on elevators to the earth. To make it it is difficult because there are many people, ready not to allow it. On the way ...
Screenshot - game Elevator Action (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Eliminator Boat Duel (Dendy - nes)
Raunchy motor boats races with lethal music. Each rival is especially individual, routes are various and interesting. Boats can be repaired and improved. And girls in bathing suits will lighten you th...
Screenshot - game Eliminator Boat Duel (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Elite (Dendy - nes)
The space simulator with economy elements. The game purpose - to find the mysterious planet of Raxxla. The main objective - to raise the rank from the Commander to Elite, piloting the spaceship. Space...
Screenshot - game Elite (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Elysion (Dendy - nes)
The nice, but awfully drawn role toy. The standard top view, the standard game menu for a talk and a manipulation objects. The choice of one of four characters influences the beginning of a game....
Screenshot - game Elysion (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Emoyan no 10 Bai Pro Yakyuu (Dendy - nes)
Next simulator of baseball. And again creators pleased with the non-standard decision. For a start you should force the way through quite large number of menus for selection of the command. A game, as...
Screenshot - game Emoyan no 10 Bai Pro Yakyuu (Dendy - nes)
Game cover English Word Blaster (Dendy - nes)

This game for one player is also intended it for the Dandy's prefix Syubor.

Screenshot - game English Word Blaster (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Erika to Satoru no Yume Bouken (Dendy - nes)
Very interesting adventure toy. Heroes - the brother and the sister. A look as in usual rolevka - from above, in a small window, and windows two: for the brother and for the sister. The text is output...
Screenshot - game Erika to Satoru no Yume Bouken (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Erunaaku no Zaihou (Dendy - nes)
Browser with the top view. The little man in a gray jacket runs on the coast of the small river, postrelivy knives in animals, immoderately toothy, collects all bonuses in the form of jars and boards ...
Screenshot - game Erunaaku no Zaihou (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Escape From Atlantis, The (Dendy - nes)
Terrible look a toy about rescue from Atlantis which just about has to drown. A browser with a look sideways-from above....
Screenshot - game Escape From Atlantis, The (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Esper Bouken Tai (Dendy - nes)
The nice browser about the teeny-tiny fellow who hides the huge hammer in the bosom and periodically applies it on all objects. Sense - to kill them to exhaustion and to hide in a pocket. Sometimes ch...
Screenshot - game Esper Bouken Tai (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Esper Dream 2 - Aratanaru Tatakai (Dendy - nes)
Terribly interesting adventure toy. The simple guy, being in library, got involved in an entertaining unpleasant incident. And now it can move from time to time, described in books. For this purpose e...
Screenshot - game Esper Dream 2 - Aratanaru Tatakai (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Europe Sensen (Dendy - nes)
The Chinese step-by-step strategy from Waxing Technology on World War II....
Screenshot - game Europe Sensen (Dendy - nes)
Game cover EverQuest (Dendy - nes)
Rather primitive role toy. In total as usual in management, but graphics at quite weak level....
Screenshot - game EverQuest (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Excitebike (Dendy - nes)
Unpretentious gonochka on motorcycles with obstacles. Despite simplicity, a game has quite good imitation of physics for the age: it is a pleasure to jump from springboards. To four players on motorcy...
Screenshot - game Excitebike (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Exciting Boxing (Dendy - nes)
Boxing simulator. Differs from others in what demands existence of the additional control unit. On it there are more buttons, than on the joystick and everyone answers any blow....
Screenshot - game Exciting Boxing (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Exciting Rally - World Rally Championship (Dendy - nes)
Rally on SUVs. Look strictly from above. The route on one car. The car turns very sharply so it is necessary to behave more accurately on small turns, but by 180 degrees it is possible to fit into tur...
Screenshot - game Exciting Rally - World Rally Championship (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Exed Exes (Dendy - nes)
Old and not really successful letalka-shooter game. Music it is impossible to call what sounds in a background. Enemies are sluggish, and action to exhaustion is monotonous. The top view, a background...
Screenshot - game Exed Exes (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Exerion (Dendy - nes)
Pseudo a three-dimensional letalka with a look from the third party (because of a ship back). We fly forward, and the landscape almost really moves on us. Through certain periods ordinary enemies are ...
Screenshot - game Exerion (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Exodus - Journey to the Promised Land (Dendy - nes)
Browser. A labyrinth from stones and the earth. The old man dressed in white, clearing away itself a way, collects pots with a letter M, beats off people in black raincoats and finds prizes in small s...
Screenshot - game Exodus - Journey to the Promised Land (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Explosion (Dendy - nes)
Browser with adventure elements with a side view. The guy in red (special agent Beng) runs on levels, connected among themselves by network of routes, in search of six keys medallions from the Doomsda...
Screenshot - game Explosion (Dendy - nes)
Game cover Explosion Sangokushi (Dendy - nes)

A game is very similar to a step-by-step game, but because of hieroglyphs, it is difficult to understand a game.

Screenshot - game Explosion Sangokushi (Dendy - nes)

Dendy/Денди (NES)

Famicon - the name Dendy has been known in Japan. Appeared on the market in 1983 and then renamed the NES, was released in the U.S. and Europe. The console immediately became a bestseller and has managed to gain unprecedented popularity on the American and Japanese markets. The most popular games for the console were games from the Super Mario Bros (even now this side-series is a huge success). The "face" of Nintendo was Mario is the main character. According to official figures, has sold more than 60 consoles and games more than 500 million.

The output of the console, many critics attribute the revival of the market of the gaming industry in connection with a computer crisis in the market of computer games. All this is of course the fact that it was released a huge variety of games, which of course sparked the interest of both investors and consumers. In the early 90-ies of the Dandy began to take positions, retreating before the onslaught of for example, a high consoles. SegaMega Drive - the main competitor of the Dandy at the time. The next blow for the console was the emergence of such a powerful gaming system like the SuperNintendo (SNES/Super Famicom). But, despite this release, the console has continued in 1992.

Nintendo has released a new batch of Dandy. This was due to the arrival of the useless older versions. Since 1993, the year the NES appeared in Russia, and it was illegally manufactured system from China. Its distributed by firm Steepler. The discontinuation of the console was officially announced in 1995. However, due to computer emulators the entire library of Nes available to users now.