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Atari Juguar (JAG)

Atari Jaguar — video game console, released in November 1993, the company Atari. At the time, was the powerful platform of the next (fifth) generation of TV gaming consoles. Went on sale at a price of 249,99 dollars. Was advertised as "the first 64-bit system," which was a promotional gimmick — the CPU and GPU of the consoles had a RISC-like 32-bit, 64-bit was graphics coprocessor "That".

However, for consoles was released a limited number of games, most of which were of low quality, which negatively affected sales of the console. The reasons for the failure also can be attributed to a poorly chosen carrier (the cartridge), the inconvenient joystick and pricing. To compete with the other consoles, especially used CD-ROMs as PlayStation, Atari Jaguar doomed to failure. In the period from late 1993 to late 1995, it sold only 125 copies.

Although the manufacturer attempts were made to attract interest to console buyers, releasing in a hurry adaptor for CD-ROM, Atari Jaguar CD, game Memory Track and device to play together on two consoles JagLink, these actions are unable to increase sales. Having undergone serious losses, Atari was forced to leave the market of gaming consoles.