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Game cover Pac-Attack (Game Gear - gg)

Who does not know Pak-Mena? Who does not know history of its creation (read in Master System base)? I was disappointed in this game. Even you do not look at the name - it is the usual tetris (whic...

Screenshot - game Pac-Attack (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Pac-In-Time (Proto) (Game Gear - gg)

The game which did not see this world. It is made based on a game from Kalisto - & quot; Fury of the Furies" (PC, Amiga), also licensed Namco for use of Pac-Man’ a. The game Pac-In-Time...

Screenshot - game Pac-In-Time (Proto) (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Pac-Man (Game Gear - gg)

Known popular game. You hungry as a hunter and to you it is necessary to collect all small balls to pass level. But be careful: too hunt for you (certain four ghosts). Passing levels, you will not...

Screenshot - game Pac-Man (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Panzer Dragoon Mini (Game Gear - gg)

Well for a fantasy without some legendary Dragons? But here Dragoons are equestrians on these Dragons. Their work is heavy, but it is even heavier to me not to cut down this game. I am not a fan o...

Screenshot - game Panzer Dragoon Mini (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Paperboy (Game Gear - gg)

So, you were employed the messenger of newspapers in a local small town. Work for you new therefore you begin with the little. You ride on are great (if you are not able to ride - do not play!), t...

Screenshot - game Paperboy (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Paperboy 2 (Game Gear - gg)

Same work. How did not bother yet? But is not present, you should earn a living somehow. In this part and graphics is better, and is added any different tricks, but sense all the same same. I advi...

Screenshot - game Paperboy 2 (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Pengo (Game Gear - gg)

Well, persuaded. I will tell a story and about this character.

The game Pengo was made by the SEGA company in far 1982. Two years ago, racing games took control of emotions of millions of...

Screenshot - game Pengo (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Pet Club - Neko Daisuki! (Game Gear - gg)

The game which is released in Japan very much reminds tamagoch, to look after lyuiby pets. To feed, play, remove and raise.

Screenshot - game Pet Club - Neko Daisuki! (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Pet Club Inu Daisuki (Game Gear - gg)

And now we look after a lovely doggie if you lack it so.

Screenshot - game Pet Club Inu Daisuki (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Pete Sampras Tennis (Game Gear - gg)

Pete Sampras not only well waves a racket, but also sells the name for various toys.

Screenshot - game Pete Sampras Tennis (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover PGA Tour 96 (Game Gear - gg)

In 1995 PGA Tour 96 came to Mega Drive/Genesis and SNES (later also on 3DO, Saturn and PlayStation), It was the first game in which the field three-dimensional, in addition, was increased total nu...

Screenshot - game PGA Tour 96 (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover PGA Tour Golf (Game Gear - gg)

Stock up with patience because this game can bring you to the handle. The tiresome and constant vyprigivaniye of windows, long change of scenery a constant crush on the button start bother as noth...

Screenshot - game PGA Tour Golf (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover PGA Tour Golf II (Game Gear - gg)

The second part is made already best of all. Logically. However everything it is also necessary to wait for change of scenery, and even longer. And for the rest all errors are corrected. It is pos...

Screenshot - game PGA Tour Golf II (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Phantasy Star Adventure (Game Gear - gg)

An interesting game from the Phantasy Star series. Ha, were surprised? the 3D view from eyes also reminds quest. Generally, I tell a story. You a certain special agent, and in December, 1268 A.W. ...

Screenshot - game Phantasy Star Adventure (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Phantasy Star Gaiden (Game Gear - gg)

Very well-known role-playing game! Is based on the first Phantasy Star series on Master System. Despite the well-known series, a game was published only in the Japanese option. In 1999 the transla...

Screenshot - game Phantasy Star Gaiden (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Phantom 2040 (Game Gear - gg)

Outside 2040 (I am an old man for a long time). In the city of Mertropia unfamiliar to me unfamiliar things are created. The corporation Madison wants to execute one simple thing - to conquer the ...

Screenshot - game Phantom 2040 (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Pinball Dreams (Game Gear - gg)

It is almost exact port with Amiga. Four types of stages: wild West, space rockets, cemetery and musical. It is more than nothing interesting. Next. 

Screenshot - game Pinball Dreams (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Pocket Jansou (Game Gear - gg)

And on Pocket Jansou snack for Game Gear, another game Mah-jong in which office girls who are languidly examining you because of glasses of the points act as opponents.

Screenshot - game Pocket Jansou (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Poker Faced Paul (Game Gear - gg)

Black Jack it was released on this prefix, rather successful registration. It is possible to play, test the fate.

Screenshot - game Poker Faced Paul (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Poker Faced Paul (Game Gear - gg)

One more gambling, apparently, name of which & laquo; ...

Screenshot - game Poker Faced Paul (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Poker Faced Paul (Game Gear - gg)

Rather successful and amusing poker for fans of a bluff. Try the hand in this game and to beat the computer.

Screenshot - game Poker Faced Paul (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Poker Faced Paul (Game Gear - gg)

All famous Soliter. Spread out cards by rules of this game.

Screenshot - game Poker Faced Paul (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Pop Breaker (Game Gear - gg)

A game was released only in Japan. To you it will be necessary to shoot much in this game up and to destroy opponents.

Screenshot - game Pop Breaker (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Popeye (Game Gear - gg)

Here it would be better than this sport Game Gear more, than rugby, baseball or golf. Volleyball and with the familiar animated hero. We play!

Screenshot - game Popeye (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Power Strike II (Game Gear - gg)

Original Japanese name: GG Aleste II. After a depression in 1929 many pilots lost the work. But, to survive, they became pirates of the sky. The sea and the sky around Italy everything was hammere...

Screenshot - game Power Strike II (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Predator 2 (Game Gear - gg)

All of you, probably, watched film & quot; Predator 2". So ...

Screenshot - game Predator 2 (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Primal Rage (Game Gear - gg)

The bad invention appeared to make a fayting of dinosaurs. First, graphics. I do not see beauty! Secondly, management swings very much and very much. A background on a rear view very much and very...

Screenshot - game Primal Rage (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Prince of Persia (Game Gear - gg)

Too, one of the known games. Especially there is nothing to speak here & ndash; classics. The set of confidential passes, fantastic rooms, strong opponents and magic mixtures wait for you. And you...

Screenshot - game Prince of Persia (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Pro Yakyuu  (Game Gear - gg)

The Japanese baseball - that can be more pleasant! On a brain so pressed hieroglyphs and graphics pumped up (about a sound I also do not speak) that I did not sustain...

Screenshot - game Pro Yakyuu  (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Pro Yakyuu GG League (Game Gear - gg)

The baseball which is released only in Japan who knows Japanese that will be able to enjoy a game, and without knowledge of Japanese, happiness can try to understand keys at random and to play the...

Screenshot - game Pro Yakyuu GG League (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Pro Yakyuu GG League  (Game Gear - gg)

Baseball and, and again Japanese. What here still to comment on?

Screenshot - game Pro Yakyuu GG League  (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Psychic World (Game Gear - gg)

Some doctor Navik (or Nafig) needs your help to save young Sekil. She and her sister, Lucia, were his assistants, and monsters whom doctor Navik held for experiments escaped together with Sekil! T...

Screenshot - game Psychic World (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Putt & Putter (Game Gear - gg)

Abrupt game! You have to go into a ball in a hole (well like golf), but considering various obstacles. The super game requiring from you not only accurate attention, but also other qualities...

Screenshot - game Putt & Putter (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Puyo Puyo 2 (Game Gear - gg)

The Tetrisopodobny toy where in the main character fine and incomparable Aruru Nadja from series Madou Monogatari is. Once you look, an alternative to an annoying tetris.

Screenshot - game Puyo Puyo 2 (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Puzlow Kids (Game Gear - gg)

Learned? It is that, Puyo Puyo the first part, and here the name something was changed (what for?)

Screenshot - game Puzlow Kids (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Puzzle Bobble (Game Gear - gg)

Bubble Bobble returned! Cool office toy, especially when you have a partner! Throughout about 100 levels we will break one-color balls (that was from 3 and more).

This game was ported by


Screenshot - game Puzzle Bobble (Game Gear - gg)

Game Gear - handheld game console company Sega (GG)


CPU: Zilog Z-80 clock frequency of 3.6 MHz.
RAM: main memory 24 KB, 16 KB video RAM.
Sound: 4 channel (3 voices, 1 noise). The sound of each channel can be shifted to the left or to the right for pseudostructure.
Screen: 3.2-inch with backlight. The resolution is 160×144, 20×18 cells at 8×8 each (the visible part); 256×224, 32×28 cells with 8×8 each (total): the number of colors in the palette of 4096, the number of simultaneously displayed colors to 32.
Sega Game Gear — handheld game console released by Sega in 1990 as a response console Game Boy of Nintendo. She was the third handheld console with color graphics, after the Atari Lynx and TurboExpress.

Work on the console began in 1989 under the working title Project Mercury, according to the then existing in the Sega tradition to use the names of the planets as working name of the project.

The console first went on sale on 6 October 1990 in Japan. In the US, Europe and Brazil, the console became available in 1991, and in Australia in 1992.

Sega has aimed in any way to make a handheld 8-bit game system, which will far surpass the Game Boy. Since the previous Sega — Master System — superior by its technical characteristics 8-bit consoles from Nintendo, it was decided to use in Game Gear hardware based on the Master System. The strongest similarity with the architecture of the Master System allows easy transfer of Master System games on Game Gear. In contrast, from the Game Boy system Game Gear had a color screen, supported is inserted in a slot cartridge expansion modules (Converter to connect the cartridge Master System, receiver and even a television tuner), the console was comfortable to hold, unlike the Gameboy. To the console separately sold special lens, Super Wide Gear, visually increase the screen size to 5 inches against the normal of 3.2.

Among the shortcomings, most notably a large power consumption (one battery set is enough high for 4 hours). Quality games for Game Gear there was not much that stemmed from the policy of Nintendo. Although this console was not as popular as the Gameboy, but she firmly kept its market niche and was officially supported until 1997 (in Japan selling ceased in December 1996), which indicates the great potential of the Game Gear. In 2000, the company Majesco launched the Game Gear in a modified housing.

Just for the console it was released a 233 game in the US and 196 games in Europe and Japan.