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Game cover Kaitou Saint Tail (Game Gear - gg)

A good game, with qualitative graphics, and a plot:
Day of Meimi - the ordinary schoolgirl, but at night it turns into Mysterious Theif Saint Tail (some mysterious thief). At it still strong...

Screenshot - game Kaitou Saint Tail (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Kawasaki Superbike Challenge (Game Gear - gg)

The motor-simulator for the good of one known company which is releasing quite qualitative sports motor-baizes - Kawasaki. Good game, honestly! For a vosmibitka - on 5+.

Screenshot - game Kawasaki Superbike Challenge (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Kenyuu Densetsu Yaiba (Game Gear - gg)

A game is based on an old Japanese anime - Yaiba where some guy goes with the favourite sword (it some old man of Musashi Miyamoto gave to the fellow), into which it enters unclear magic spheres, ...

Screenshot - game Kenyuu Densetsu Yaiba (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Kick & Rush (Game Gear - gg)

An unpretentious bright futbolchik for Gere's Game. Emphasis was placed on a game together so the intelligence of the opponent suffers a little. Graphic inserts quite good, quite good background m...

Screenshot - game Kick & Rush (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Kinetic Connection (Game Gear - gg)

We collect gradually puzzles if of course you are able to do it. I advise longer to look at the beginning at the original of the picture then not to go and to raspinyvatsya about what was not so c...

Screenshot - game Kinetic Connection (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Kishin Douji Zenki (Game Gear - gg)

A game is made based on the anime series consisting of 51 series. The name of series is translated as Zenki, the Demon Prince, and its popularity allowed to release a game the same year, as series...

Screenshot - game Kishin Douji Zenki (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Klax (Game Gear - gg)

Too office toy & ndash; tetrisopodobny clone. We collect cubes of identical color in number of 3 pieces down, horizontals or on diagonal. At first also ndash is it seems easy; and then quicker and...

Screenshot - game Klax (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Kuni-chan no Game Tengoku (Game Gear - gg)

A step-by-step game, you just have to come the first. This game would be played on a table more but as not on Game Gear. And what I can make if in Japan desktop & quot; ...

Screenshot - game Kuni-chan no Game Tengoku (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Kuni-chan no Game Tengoku Part 2 (Game Gear - gg)

Continuation of a series. And now, obviously, having understood my request, you have to come the first in gonochka. Besides only on Japanese.

Screenshot - game Kuni-chan no Game Tengoku Part 2 (Game Gear - gg)

Game Gear - handheld game console company Sega (GG)


CPU: Zilog Z-80 clock frequency of 3.6 MHz.
RAM: main memory 24 KB, 16 KB video RAM.
Sound: 4 channel (3 voices, 1 noise). The sound of each channel can be shifted to the left or to the right for pseudostructure.
Screen: 3.2-inch with backlight. The resolution is 160×144, 20×18 cells at 8×8 each (the visible part); 256×224, 32×28 cells with 8×8 each (total): the number of colors in the palette of 4096, the number of simultaneously displayed colors to 32.
Sega Game Gear — handheld game console released by Sega in 1990 as a response console Game Boy of Nintendo. She was the third handheld console with color graphics, after the Atari Lynx and TurboExpress.

Work on the console began in 1989 under the working title Project Mercury, according to the then existing in the Sega tradition to use the names of the planets as working name of the project.

The console first went on sale on 6 October 1990 in Japan. In the US, Europe and Brazil, the console became available in 1991, and in Australia in 1992.

Sega has aimed in any way to make a handheld 8-bit game system, which will far surpass the Game Boy. Since the previous Sega — Master System — superior by its technical characteristics 8-bit consoles from Nintendo, it was decided to use in Game Gear hardware based on the Master System. The strongest similarity with the architecture of the Master System allows easy transfer of Master System games on Game Gear. In contrast, from the Game Boy system Game Gear had a color screen, supported is inserted in a slot cartridge expansion modules (Converter to connect the cartridge Master System, receiver and even a television tuner), the console was comfortable to hold, unlike the Gameboy. To the console separately sold special lens, Super Wide Gear, visually increase the screen size to 5 inches against the normal of 3.2.

Among the shortcomings, most notably a large power consumption (one battery set is enough high for 4 hours). Quality games for Game Gear there was not much that stemmed from the policy of Nintendo. Although this console was not as popular as the Gameboy, but she firmly kept its market niche and was officially supported until 1997 (in Japan selling ceased in December 1996), which indicates the great potential of the Game Gear. In 2000, the company Majesco launched the Game Gear in a modified housing.

Just for the console it was released a 233 game in the US and 196 games in Europe and Japan.