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Game cover G-Loc Air Battle (Game Gear - gg)

In the 1990th year the ideological successor of nice business of After Burner&rsquo descended from the conveyor;: G-LOC: Air Battle. In the technical plan a game won (+ the third processor of Moto...

Screenshot - game G-Loc Air Battle (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Galaga  (Game Gear - gg)

We are attacked!!! Galagantsa win planets which they lost during century interstellar war - and now they want ours! But you are ready to fight till the end to protect it! Without deliberating, you...

Screenshot - game Galaga  (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Gamble Panic (Game Gear - gg)

Gaming machines... What did people find in them? If people find passion in losing a lot of grandmas in some poor games which are not bearing any sense, then already absolutely the world came for t...

Screenshot - game Gamble Panic (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Gambler Jikochuushin Ha (Game Gear - gg)

Again gamblings and on unclear Japanese, with their rules, tactics, etc. Understand if you want...

Screenshot - game Gambler Jikochuushin Ha (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Ganbare Gorby! (Game Gear - gg)

cool toy! I tell a story: Mr. Greede, angry and greedy to money, slowly buys up local factories. He wants own monopolism for sale of all goods! And people starve meanwhile (high prices, not all ca...

Screenshot - game Ganbare Gorby! (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Garfield - Caught in the Act (Game Gear - gg)

Excellent toy! The general favourite, a fat cat by nickname Garfield, so was frightened of bark of a puppy of Oddi that he unintentionally broke the TV of the owner John. Both full of fleas hastil...

Screenshot - game Garfield - Caught in the Act (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Gear Stadium (Game Gear - gg)

Japanese baseball. The published Namco company, for the consumers. In a game all in Japanese therefore whether you should play, solve, to understand ignorant Japanese, will be not simply, but desp...

Screenshot - game Gear Stadium (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Gear Stadium Heiseiban (Game Gear - gg)

The next simulator of baseball, it is only aimed at the Japanese audience as in a game in hieroglyphs Japanese and to play all it is possible to choose at least the English version of this game (i...

Screenshot - game Gear Stadium Heiseiban (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Gear Works (Game Gear - gg)

Still young amateur technicians, and this game especially for them were not translated. You should collect 12 various models of hours, correctly placing gears and beating off importunate insects. ...

Screenshot - game Gear Works (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover George Foreman (Game Gear - gg)

George Forman's boxing. As it is interesting! Speed is just star and space!

Screenshot - game George Foreman (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover GG Aleste (Game Gear - gg)

Letalka-strelyalka. After passing of level, you meet the tired of waiting boss. As well as in all series, but adrenaline will be enough nothing remarkable for couple of pairs of levels... They say...

Screenshot - game GG Aleste (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover GG Doraemon - Nora no Suke no Yabou (Game Gear - gg)

Meet! Amusing (and well-known) the Japanese cat by nickname Doraemon again with us! About horror, programmers forgot (most likely did not want, thought about popularity of a cat) to include though...

Screenshot - game GG Doraemon - Nora no Suke no Yabou (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover GG Portrait - Pai Chan (Game Gear - gg)

A set of the pictures devoted to Pai Chan, the character of the game Virtua Fighter.

Screenshot - game GG Portrait - Pai Chan (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover GG Portrait - Yuuki Akira (Game Gear - gg)

A set of the pictures devoted to Akira, the character of the game Virtua Fighter.

Screenshot - game GG Portrait - Yuuki Akira (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover GG Pro Striker  (Game Gear - gg)

J League GG Pro Striker & rsquo; 94 for Game Gear, the football simulator in which official players of the Japanese league for 1994 participate. A game was zadampit for a long time, but, by accide...

Screenshot - game GG Pro Striker  (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover GG Shinobi (Game Gear - gg)

Shinob - also quot means; ...

Screenshot - game GG Shinobi (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Godzilla - Kaiju Dai Shingeki (Game Gear - gg)

Strategy on dinosaurs, to be exact on the famous Japanese cult movie the Godzilla. As well as in the movie, we go on the city, beating off the annoying yaposhka teeming around on various equipment...

Screenshot - game Godzilla - Kaiju Dai Shingeki (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover GP Rider (Game Gear - gg)

Motorcycles races. And not weak. Show all who in the world of sport the owner! I played 5 minutes and switched off.

GP Rider in fact is more experienced Hang On version, however, the seco...

Screenshot - game GP Rider (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Greendog (Game Gear - gg)

You play for some ragamuffin, and someone sent you to some mystical searches. And whether you have an amulet, whether you have to find it. Generally cock-a-hoop. And still this bony has painfully ...

Screenshot - game Greendog (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Griffin (Game Gear - gg)

The cool idea - to put for control levers of the heavy, dirty, huge tank stinking solyary and oil, the tiny little girl! Also do not ask about a plot - not ...

Screenshot - game Griffin (Game Gear - gg)
Game cover Gunstar Heroes (Game Gear - gg)

A toy, like Contra from Games, only without regime of two players. It is interesting that her children who left the above-named firm, and earlier working on Kontra wrote. The new form, Treasure (t...

Screenshot - game Gunstar Heroes (Game Gear - gg)

Game Gear - handheld game console company Sega (GG)


CPU: Zilog Z-80 clock frequency of 3.6 MHz.
RAM: main memory 24 KB, 16 KB video RAM.
Sound: 4 channel (3 voices, 1 noise). The sound of each channel can be shifted to the left or to the right for pseudostructure.
Screen: 3.2-inch with backlight. The resolution is 160×144, 20×18 cells at 8×8 each (the visible part); 256×224, 32×28 cells with 8×8 each (total): the number of colors in the palette of 4096, the number of simultaneously displayed colors to 32.
Sega Game Gear — handheld game console released by Sega in 1990 as a response console Game Boy of Nintendo. She was the third handheld console with color graphics, after the Atari Lynx and TurboExpress.

Work on the console began in 1989 under the working title Project Mercury, according to the then existing in the Sega tradition to use the names of the planets as working name of the project.

The console first went on sale on 6 October 1990 in Japan. In the US, Europe and Brazil, the console became available in 1991, and in Australia in 1992.

Sega has aimed in any way to make a handheld 8-bit game system, which will far surpass the Game Boy. Since the previous Sega — Master System — superior by its technical characteristics 8-bit consoles from Nintendo, it was decided to use in Game Gear hardware based on the Master System. The strongest similarity with the architecture of the Master System allows easy transfer of Master System games on Game Gear. In contrast, from the Game Boy system Game Gear had a color screen, supported is inserted in a slot cartridge expansion modules (Converter to connect the cartridge Master System, receiver and even a television tuner), the console was comfortable to hold, unlike the Gameboy. To the console separately sold special lens, Super Wide Gear, visually increase the screen size to 5 inches against the normal of 3.2.

Among the shortcomings, most notably a large power consumption (one battery set is enough high for 4 hours). Quality games for Game Gear there was not much that stemmed from the policy of Nintendo. Although this console was not as popular as the Gameboy, but she firmly kept its market niche and was officially supported until 1997 (in Japan selling ceased in December 1996), which indicates the great potential of the Game Gear. In 2000, the company Majesco launched the Game Gear in a modified housing.

Just for the console it was released a 233 game in the US and 196 games in Europe and Japan.