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Game cover 688 Attack Sub (Sega Mega Drive - gen)

Submarine simulator. In a game of only 10 missions. It is possible to choose any from the very beginning. The player operates various systems of the submarine by means of seven information screens...

Screenshot - game 688 Attack Sub (Sega Mega Drive - gen)

Sega Mega Drive (GEN)

Sega Mega Drive 16-bit game console, released by SEGA in 1988 in Japan and 1990 in Europe and other countries. In North America the console was released under the name of Genesis, as Sega was unable to register the trademark there Mega Drive.

Manufacturer: SEGA
Type: Game console
Generation: the 16-bit era
Release date: 29 October 1988 (Japan)
Media: Cartridge
CPU: Motorola 68000
Predecessor: Sega Master System