Atari 2600: Combat - Game history

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Game history Combat (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Combat & mdash; the early computer game released Atari, Inc. for Atari 2600. It was one of 9 games available along with the beginning of sales of this game system in October, 1977 and was delivered together with the console from the moment of its emergence and till 1982. Combat was founded on two earlier black-and-white games for the arcade machines released by Atari: Tank (under the Kee Games trademark) in 1974 and Anti-Aircraft II in 1975.

In the game Combat. In total there were 27 game modes with different scenarios of fights. A battle could be conducted between tanks, biplanes and jet planes. At tank games there were such variations as the shells which are jumping aside from edges of the screen (& laquo; tank Pong») and invisibility. Games with biplanes and jet planes also had several options, in particular, several planes at one player and fight of a link of planes against one huge bomber. The version of a game was also released for Sears under the name Tank Plus. Joe Dekver and Larry Wagner were programmers of a game.