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Game Umi Tsuri Meijin - Suzuki Hen (Super Nintendo - snes)

Umi Tsuri Meijin - Suzuki Hen (Super Nintendo - snes)

The topic of fishing is widely covered on Super Nintendo. Many games of this genre have worthy graphics and pleasant sound effects, with a possibility of the choice and creation of own character. We take a rod, we get into the boat and at way - to conquest of water open spaces and its living creatures. If you are the real fisherman, and it is impossible to escape to the country - safely look for the worthy version and have a good time behind the favourite business, but in 16-bit’ ache realization. These games will prompt someone something brand new, representing various means and methods for catching of underwater inhabitants who it is necessary to apply effectively on various sites of water open spaces, trying to discover certain species of fish, consecutive actions for their capture and suitable ulovny places by means of different technical means and the equipment. Selection of methods of fishing of various big fishes from water is also available, cases in this game when at the wrong actions the scaly victim breaks from a hook are not rare. Were tired of any heroic work in game life on rescue of whom and anything, or already nerves play pranks from any numerous virtual murders - take a vacation and straight on fishing in numerous library Super Nintendo. Who wants to be engaged in fishing seriously, it is quite possible to train without leaving the house.