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Game Ultraman - Towards the Future (Super Nintendo - snes)

Ultraman - Towards the Future (Super Nintendo - snes)

Ominous aliens and huge monsters threaten a civilization! And only the only organization in the territory of Earth is equipped with the fact that can destroy evil spirits - Patrol of Science, the special police organization with communications around the world, weapon on the basis of high technologies, vehicles on the basis of extensive technological means. The general staff of Patrol of science is in Tokyo, Japan. Headed by the Captain Meramatsu - the Patrol of Science is always ready to protect Earth from storming monsters, but sometimes the team is prostrate... And here when the situation desperate and all in despair - Hiatt, the most capable member of team, causes a key to rescue, in the form of an object of the power called & quot; Beta of Kapsuloy" which, at ignition, allows it to transform an object to the surprising humanoid of the highest class under the name - Ultramen! On the basis of an anime, popular in Japan. It is recommended to admirers of this character and any fights of huge monsters.