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Game Mega lo Mania (Super Nintendo - snes)

Mega lo Mania (Super Nintendo - snes)

Strategy in real time. One of four governors can play. The main resource - people, their quantity in one era is limited. Before a mission it is necessary to choose how many the person will get under management of the player at the beginning of the mission. It is necessary to consider that if in the first mission of an era to take with itself all, then it will be simple to be at war not whom in the next missions of this era. A game begins with the most ancient eras, it is necessary to invent at first stones, sticks, slingshots, a spear and a shovel. The player should pass a way of development of humanity. The available people arm with the developed weapon and go on a visit to neighbors. Directly it is impossible to operate troops - it is only possible to specify what sector of the card should be attacked so you should not expect that a game will allow to be developed to talents of the player of a military leader. With opponents it is possible to conclude the alliances.