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Game Big Sky Trooper (Super Nintendo - snes)

Big Sky Trooper (Super Nintendo - snes)

Very original and peculiar game from LucasArts which narrates to us very interesting story. In it you as the boy or the girl to solve to you, are chosen to help with fight with various threats which can come at any time from space. You should operate the spaceship and to visit various open spaces of an immense galaxy. By means of Fido, a computer puppy, you can obtain any information on the interface, the purpose of a mission and other important details. You should study various planets and to beat off attacks during flight. Missions usually consist of search of the various elements necessary for end of any task. Planets for studying happen the most unpredictable. Some of them simple, consisting of small sites which will take away insignificant time for their research, other huge labyrinths! Not everyone will be able to accustom to this game. But it is very worthy project with the unique atmosphere. Graphics consists of very pleasant color palette. Characters are drawn in an animation image. Music too high quality. In a game the old-fashioned humour from Lucas Arts is introduced here and there. Including a game, you will see a cheerful roller at once. Though there is not much dialogue, they sometimes show good wit. Generally, if you have enough knowledge of English, then test this toy.