Sega Mega Drive: Lost Vikings, The - Description of a game

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Game Lost Vikings, The (Sega Mega Drive - gen)

Lost Vikings, The (Sega Mega Drive - gen)

& quot; The Magnificent game about adventures of the three of Vikings from Blizzard (then still being called & quot; & quot; Silicon and Synapse" & quot;). Each of heroes has some abilities, and it is possible to pass level only all three. Eric Weathercock quickly runs and can jump, Olaf-reliable has an impenetrable board which can use as a parachute and as a support, for friends, And Balegoa-Svirepogo have a sword and onions with arrows. There lived friends in one village, everyone had the wife and kids grew up. In the district it was full of a game and the Trinity never came back without production from hunting. Life was simple and fine. But one night aliens arrived and stole a Trinity. The player should help them to return to the families. Each character has a stock which it is possible to enter by the button & quot; & quot; MODE" & quot;. A game possesses fine graphics, interesting game process and magnificent