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Jimmy Neutron - Boy Genius (Game Boy Advance - gba)

Jimmy, the teenage genius, received big problems with his last inventions. Now by means of Goddard, the car which can be transformed to different types of transport you have to be guided by Jimmy through fantastic places.

to Come into contact with other galaxy and to launch the temporary satellite in space, before a breakfast. It nothing for Jimmy Neytron, the teenage super-genius, surprising inventions often deliver him a heap of troubles. You will pass through six levels, including Jimmy' s house, Asteroids, Yolkus Underworld, Yolkus City, and Retroland. Whether Jimmy can pass itself through this great adventure?

the Ten-year-old genius Jimmy Neytron lives in a small town Retrovil. He adores inventing different devices, and in free time plays with the friends. Once there was an improbable event: the city was attacked by aliens and kidnapped all parents. At first all children were delighted to this coming, but then as it appeared, it became absolutely bad to live without parents. Brave Jimmy together with a favourite dog robot moves off in searches of the gone parents. They should overcome many obstacles and even to visit space and on the native planet of newcomers.