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Game Video Life (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Video Life (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Video life is an unusual video game. The object of video playback life to achieve a high score, and to create a beautiful, change patterns from simple beginnings. For detailed instructions, tips, stories, and games are given later. Here's how you can get started with video life.

Make sure your computer is turned off and the video is connected to the TV.
Connect as a joystick, insert a video cartridge life, set the difficulty switches down ( "b" position), and turn on the game.
The game will be to write the word "life" on the TV screen, delete the word, and then show the change of small dots. 

It built a demonstration of how the rules of life video, allow a small starter set of points in order to grow in complex patterns that fill the screen. After watching a demonstration, you want to try your own templates. Just follow these steps:

Press and hold the reset switch of the game until the jagged line moves down screen, erasing the small dots.
The move was only one bright spot on the screen using the left stick. If the fire button is pressed, a bright dot is leaving a trail of points behind him as he moves. Please note that it will also delete the point, if they are already present.
Using the left stick to draw a picture on the TV screen. Even simple patterns as squares, diamonds, or long straight line will produce interesting and unexpected results.
Press the fire button on the right joystick, and your picture will begin to grow into new patterns. 

Some interesting model to try can be found later in this manual in the section titled "classic patterns in life." Before you go here, you can enjoy experimenting with their simple patterns. Watch as the addition or removal of a particular point on the initial template can make the difference between the points is rapidly dying out or expanding to fill the screen!

What video does is to take your starter pattern of dots to study placement of points in the template and create a new (and probably others) pattern. This new pattern is used to make another new template. The new models will be the old rate of about one per second.

Every time a new model has been made, we say that a new "generation" of pixels on the screen. Placing points in the new generation can be found by looking at exactly where points are located in the old generation, and applying some rules. The rules for the transition from one generation to another, are discussed in the "rules of life". Even without understanding the rules, it is interesting to look at changes in the structure and listening to musical tones.

You can stop the growth model at any time by moving the left stick in any direction. After the growth was stopped, the sample can be changed and growth resumed. Changes in the structure is carried out by moving the bright spot (using the left stick) in those places on the screen where you want to add new points or delete the old terms. Old Point is removed or a new point is added by pressing the fire button on the left joystick. Once you have made changes, the growth can be resumed by pressing the fire button on the right joystick.

If you want to make a completely new model, press the reset button in the game until the jagged line starts to move down the screen. This will clear the screen from all points. Then you can use the left stick to make a new template. Press the fire button on the right joystick to launch a new model grows.

To accelerate growth, flip-up (in the "A" position) to the left switch complexity. It also makes flicker television and changing musical tones that are produced. However, in the process of growth and final state of the pattern is not changed.

If the video will remain on life, but not a change of generations for more than ten minutes, the TV picture will start to change colors quickly. It will stop flashing as soon as you resume the game.