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Game Time Pilot (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Time Pilot (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Pilot time multidirectional scrolling shooter and free-range aerial combat arcade game, developed by Yoshiki Okamoto, released by Konami in 1982, and is distributed in the US by the centuries. Debuting in the golden age of video arcade games, this time travel themed games that will allow players to the aircraft to move freely in the open air space, which can be scrolled endlessly in all directions. killer list of video games including pilot time in its list of the top 100 arcade games of all time.

The player assumes the role of a pilot of a futuristic fighter jet, trying to rescue his fellow pilots trapped in different eras of time. The player must fight off hordes of enemy craft and defeat the mother ship (or "boss") present in every level. Background moves in the opposite direction of the player's aircraft, and not vice versa; Plane player always remains in the center.

This game has the player on a journey through five time periods, rescuing stranded on the colleagues stranded. The player has to fight with crowds of enemy ships while picking friendly parachuting pilots. Another 56 enemy ships defeated first 25 msx platform and increases by 5 after each game cycle (the end of the last battle against the UFO), the player must defeat the ship on time. Once it is destroyed, the remaining enemy ships, are also eliminated, and the player, the journey to the next level. All levels have a blue sky and clouds as a background, with the exception of the last level, which, instead of space and asteroids. Specific eras visited, common enemies and mother are:

1910 biplanes and airships
1940: The monoplane World War II and B-25,
1970, helicopters and big, blue ch-47
, 1982 (Konami version) / 1983 (Centuria version) aircraft and B-52
2001: A UFO

The ship will be destroyed with seven direct hits. After all epochs have been visited, the levels start over again, but stronger and faster.