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Game Tempest (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Tempest (Atari 2600 - a2600)

A list of games that should never have been judged to 2600, the storm should be at the top. Why Atari decided that they can play the game 3D vector 2600 for me, but the results were disastrous. Luckily Atari killed this experiment went wrong, before it can do harm.

I said it once and I'll say it again; If there's one thing not to do it in 2600 on the diagonal. Unfortunately Tempest full diagonals as angled tube from the center of the screen to form a complex geometric patterns. This brings us to the next problem, if there is a second, that 2600 is not complex geometric patterns! 2600 version gets around this without stoppers 3D, but rather planar shapes with the enemy on the one hand and the player moves to the other. For some reason the "form" seems to flow and change a little bit, how everything is moving around the screen, it is probably the result of a programming failure. "Form" is segmented into what can be called a pipe (if you use your imagination), but these "pipes" does not seem to correspond to where the real traffic jams (which is invisible).

This brings us to the next problem, if there is a third, which in 2600 did not do it in a 3D perspective. Atari was unable to get around this one; 3D perspective is what makes the storm "storm". Atari tried to simulate it by changing the size of the enemy, to make it look like it was closer. Unfortunately, very few frames of animation for this, so that the enemies leap forward in an awkward fashion. graphics opponent is very block, and becomes even more apparent as the size increases when approaching the outer edge truby.Eto combined with very angular search "form" on board makes for a nasty kind of game.

Surprisingly, there are four different types of enemies, in this version.

Fins: these small bow-tie shape of guys who are the main enemy of the game. They are not dangerous until they reach the top of the tube and begin to come after you.

Tankers flipper: these will break into two fins in contact.

Pulsars: these guys are very dangerous! They will hit the tube current, they are every now and then would kill you if you do this. In this version of the plug does not come on when the electric chair, but the Pulsar will light a moment before, I warn you, beware.

Fuseballs: these little Jolly Fellows like fins, but they just zip up and down the tube they are.

The controls in this early version is very unpleasant. There is a set of places where your blaster can move on (hidden pipe), but they do not seem to correspond to the shape on the screen. It would not be so bad if they were on a regular basis, but they seem to be very close to the center of the screen, and very far away from each other near the edges. This makes lining up your shots with incoming enemies is very difficult, because you're not quite sure where the next "hidden pipe". This coupled with the fact that "jumps" the enemies move very quickly to the nearest "tube" makes it very difficult game. Shooting a few not so good, and it seems that your blaster will shoot the left side of this chart, rather than the middle. It would not be so bad if the bullet does not have a bad habit of disappearing when too many objects on the screen (probably due to flicker), it can lead to some mysterious deaths of invisible bullets. Fortunately you have your super Zapper in this version, which can be activated by using the Up and fire buttons.

The programmer's defense, they did a wonderful job on the Tempest, given that they were asked to do the impossible. Since this version is not complete, then it is really not fair to judge him start again. For some time, I'm much more playable version with improved graphics and gameplay strangle could be together. Although perhaps not always looked like its arcade counterpart, the prototype shows that the storm could (very limited) to be done in the 2600. It was later with some extra functions, such as the title screen has considered in the ultimate gamer magazine, but it is not known that It happened to the prototype.