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Game SwordQuest - Earthworld (Atari 2600 - a2600)

SwordQuest - Earthworld (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Swordquest-series production of this unfinished video game company Atari. in the 1980s as part of the contest, consisting of three games and he finished the plan, but has not released the fourth game. Each of the games come with komikschto explained the plot, as well as containing part of the solution of serious puzzle that had to be solved to win the competition, with prizes that stand together, to the value of $ 150 000. The series had its existence as a possible continuation of the revolutionary Atari Title 1979 Adventures but he quickly developed a mythology and a game system, which was unique. The comics were released DC Comics, written by Roy Thomas and Dzherri Konvey, and painted and signed by Dzhordzh Peres and Dik Dzhordano. A special fan club offer was provided, allowing those who wanted to play, and buy a T-shirt and a poster for every game. 

Games Swordquest series (with the Atari 2600 in Raiders of the Lost Ark) were some of the first attempts to combine the narrative and logical elements of the adventure game genre with teak gameplay genre Action, which makes them one of the very first 'adventure' game. However, the show was not able to spend the last two contests with the grand finale of the contest, as well as the release of the final game in the series, due to Atari's financial problems, leading to the video game crash in 1983 year. 

Atari planned four interrelated Swordquest games, one on the basis of earth, fire, water and air. The company expects to play all four games will be needed to win the ultimate prize. Everyone had essentially the same gameplay, logical puzzle game style interspersed with arcade style games. The character wanders through each screen, picking up and dropping elements play simplified versions of the current 'twitch' games time between screens. If the right things are in the room, the prompt shows up, pointing to the player on the page and group comic bundled with the game. There, the player had to find a word that has been hidden in this panel. If a player has found all five, or, Waterworld, four, correct tips, among all the hidden words (hinted at the hidden clues in the comic) they can send the proposal to the Atari and have a chance to compete in the final and win the prize. During the playoffs, which hit a special version of the game, the man who managed to find the keys for 90 minutes is the winner. The winners of the four gaming competitions will go to the finals, where they will fight for the sword valued at $ 50,000. However, only two events actually took place before the Atari canceled the contest in 1983. 

Earthworld was the first of four games. Its structure number was based on the signs of the zodiac. While the main focus of the creative game was provided Swordquest lead Tod Fray, the game was written Denom Hitchens. Sounds of Swordquest: Earthworld were used in the 2002 film Solaris Directed by Steven Soderbergh starring Dzhordzh Kluni. Sounds are used to represent the ship breaks up. 

Games followed by twins named Tarr and Torr. Their parents were killed by the guards of the king of Tyrannus, in the pop-prophecy Konjuro master the king, that the twins would kill Tyrannus. Then the twins were raised by commoners thieves, not to be killed by the king. When they go to rob Konjuro sea keeping, they inadvertently reveal their identities to it. Then the twins begin to run from the summoned demon, but it seems that the stolen jewel attracts him. After the defeat of stone to avoid the demon, the two old advisers Tyrannus come and tell you about the sword of the High Magic "and" mascot penultimate truth. ' Then they are transported to Earthworld. 

Of the 5,000 entries, only eight people managed to find all five regular tips. Of these eight, Stiven Bell, who was 20 and lived in a suburb of Detroit, at one time won first place and won the 'mascot penultimate truth.' Talisman has been made of 18-karat pure gold with 12 diamonds and stones, corresponding to the twelve signs of the zodiac, its built-in, like a small sword white gold, attached to the front. At the time of the contest, the mascot was valued at $ 25,000.