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Game Super Football (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Super Football (Atari 2600 - a2600)

This Soccer game with an isometric view. The player always starts offense and red T-shirts. The computer (or two player) starts on the defensive and in blue maykah.U you have the choice to walk or run. On offense, you control a defender until he passes the ball. Then you control the receiver. The quarterback can not go after it crosses the line of battle. On defense, you control the angle.

Embodiments games
Game 1 (Member) = 3 minutes in a quarter
Game 2 (Standard) = 7 minutes in a quarter
Game 3 (Intermediate) = 10 minutes, a quarter
game 4 (Expert) = 15 minutes per quarter

Game Selection
Crime chooses as the formation and pattern that the receiver will run *. Education is the number to the left, from 1 to 9. The template has a series on the right, from 1 to 4.

Protection selects only the formations, from 1 to 9 *. If the offense chooses to punt or field goal, the game automatically selects the defense to counter this.

To see the formations and patterns, you need to refer to the game as they are not named or are graphically displayed on the screen.

* = In Game 1 (Beginner), you do not manually select to play, they are automatically selected.

Casts = 3 points
TouchDown = 6 points
Additional point = 1 point

There are only 5 players on each side.
You can not solve anyone over five-yard line and the goal, so ...
There is a 2-point safety locks or 2-point conversion
There are no penalties