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Game Super Cobra (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Super Cobra (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Super Cobra 1981 horizontal scrolling shooter, arcade. It was developed by Konami from the engine of the popular Quest (only with some changes), and produced and distributed by Stern in North America.


The player controls a helicopter and guide it through the scroll area, fighting with obstacles along the way. The player uses the joystick to speed up, slow down, move up and down. The vessel uses a laser and bombs to destroy the defenders, tanks and UFOs while infiletrating 10 Super Cobra protection system.

The ship has a limited amount of fuel, which is depleted over time. More fuel can be acquired by destroying the fuel tanks in the game.

The game is divided into ten sections, plus a final, each with a different style of terrain and various obstacles. Players move through the ten levels and the base, where they should feel free to make it through the level and safely remove the booty. The levels are indicated as follows:

The player must maneuver a helicopter over mountainous terrain against fast and slow firing rockets. Flowing face sparking rocket over mountainous terrain. Smart bombs were flying in groups of four over mountainous terrain. Rockets appear, but do not fire. One smart bombs over mountainous terrain. Again, rockets appear, but do not fire. The helicopter flies through a cave-like area from falling mines. Quickly shoot wandering tanks over mountainous terrain. Rockets appear, but do not fire. Maneuver through the field of meteorites, which explode when hit a bomb or 3 times with a laser, plus one, green, shadow meteor just before the chopper, which explodes when hit five times with a laser. Rockets appear, but do not fire. Helicopter flying over mountainous terrain scribbling against UFOs. Tanks and missiles appear, but do not fire. Flowing facing arch flares over tall buildings. Firing rockets at the building of the labyrinth. Justification: The player must maneuver a helicopter over tall buildings against missiles arcing and quickly shoot the tanks in order to achieve and carry out the booty safely.

No intermission between each section; the game simply scrolled in the new area. If a player breaks the booty at the last level, they have to start from the beginning level.