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Game Sub Scan (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Sub Scan (Atari 2600 - a2600)

In this game, you do not have to reset the breaker and depth charges on a submarine passing. You time your drops as they sink, they will appear on the pages.

You get more points for hitting deeper subs. At the bottom of your screen viewing. Think of it as your radar. You can see the subs coming before they come into the play area. At the top there are two scores. The highest score is your real result. Downstairs by bonus points you'll collect when you are in a sub bonus, when it appears. You can not take the bonus if you manage to get into the bonus round Sub, which has a different color and corresponds to a certain sound than other submarines.

At the bottom of the screen, below the screen, there are two figures. The left lane is as subs can slip away from you before the game is over. This number starts at ten and counts for each sub that runs away. When this number reaches zero, the game is over. Bonus sub does not increase this count to escape. The number on the right is the sub speed. This number starts at zero and increases to nine, depending on your account or loyalty points.

The amount of bonus you get in the sub varies depending on how many subs you have a click before hitting the bonus sub. As soon as you press the sub bonus, bonus for sub volume is reset to the minimum amount and begins to rise again.