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Game Street Racer (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Street Racer (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Street racer is early racing video game developed for the Atari 2600, then known as the VCS (Video Computer System). It was written by Larry Kaplan, and released by Atari in September 1977 as one of nine Atari 2600 launch titles. The game was also released by Sears in their line of body-games like Speedway second.

Street racer was one of two pre-programmed titles start Kaplan; Air-Sea Battle was different. Street driver requested game options 27 are grouped into the following sub-game:
1-6: outside driver
7-12: slalom
13-16: dodgem
17-20: reactive shooter
21-24: Number Cruncher
25-27: round ball

Each of the sub-games, is about the same gameplay: the player controls a car that should be avoided or collect certain items as they scroll down the screen. One to four players can compete simultaneously with the shutter controllers that allow the car to move left and right along the bottom of the screen. If the single-player game is selected, the player competes with static computer opponent that allows objects to collide with it or pass by.