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Game Star Wars - The Arcade Game (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Star Wars - The Arcade Game (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Star Wars is an arcade game produced Atari Inc. and released in 1983. The game is a space simulator in the first person, where there is an attack on the Death Star from the final act of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. The game consists of a 3D color vector graphics.

The player takes on the role of Luke Skywalker ( "Red Five"), he pilots a fighter x-wing in the first person. Unlike other arcade games of this kind, the player will not have to destroy all the enemies to advance through the game; he just needs to survive as his fighter flies through the levels, which often means that he must avoid or kill shot that enemy fire. Each hit in his ship removes one board (out of six he began), and if it runs out of sheets and receives another blow, the game ends.

The ultimate goal of the player is to destroy the Death Star through three attack phases.

In the first stage of the game, the player begins in outer space over the star's death. He must engage in a dog fight with Darth Vader and enemy fighters.

At the second stage (occurs, since the second wave), the player reaches the surface death star as laser turret on the towers to rise to withstand the player. If the player will be able to destroy all the towers, he receives a tangible increase in the long run.

In the latter case, the player finds himself running through the trenches of the Death Star, avoiding obstacles and blow up the turret, before finally releasing proton torpedoes at the right time, for direct contact with the exhaust port. How, if the player is successful, it is the Death Star explode in many different colors, plus the provision of a shield bonus (to factory settings). If a player manages to destroy the Death Star without firing at all, but in the exhaust port, it will receive a substantial bonus for "the use of force."

Then, the game returns to the first phase. Each subsequent destruction of the Death Star significantly increases the complexity of: tie-fighters shoot more often, have more laser turrets and guns in the second round, and there are many obstacles and laser fire during the attack. Unlike the movie, where the unit shoot beams like lasers, enemy units in this game is to shoot missiles, resembling balls of fire, to give a chance to destroy the player shoots.