Atari 2600: Star Wars - Return of the Jedi - Ewok Adventure - Description of a game

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Game Star Wars - Return of the Jedi - Ewok Adventure (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Star Wars - Return of the Jedi - Ewok Adventure (Atari 2600 - a2600)

You are in Ewok glider chassis. Your mission is to destroy the Imperial shield generator. You should avoid enemy fire, to make rock piles and explosives to use against their enemies, and then fly through the door shield generator bunker to blow it.

You fly a glider with a joystick. You can tell your height, how far you are above their shadows. The left bank of the left, the right is the right bank. 

With difficulty is switched to "B" position, the joystick functions as a control plane handles: pull back (down), you go up; push (up), down. If you set the difficulty of switching to the "A"
set the vertical directions. If you hit the ground you will be destroyed. If you are high enough, you can fly over the enemy. 

You can pick up the stones that then you fall on the enemy; you can carry up to 9 at once, but slowly the more you wear. (Click on the "fire" the stone.)

You pick up a fly explosives into the bunker to detonate it.

Trees are not a hindrance. No rivers, but they show your progress through the level.

These patterns are the thermals that allow you to climb. When you blow up the enemy by fire creates updraft (climb) on your glider.