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Game Star Trek - Strategic Operations Simulator (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Star Trek - Strategic Operations Simulator (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator-this arcade game where you take control of a spaceship "Enterprise". Your mission is to save the Federation from the Nomad! Before you get a chance to destroy the Nomad, you have to fight your way through ten levels (each of which consists of several rounds). In each round, you may encounter a Klingon fighters, deadly antimatter plate, asteroid fields, and the deadly meteors, which are capable of depletion of energy companies. The game ends when the reserves of energy runs out completely. To combat these dangers, the company is equipped with an unlimited supply of phasers and photon torpedoes limited supply. Each round comprises one or more databases; if you have a docking in space bases, some of your supply (such as energy and torpedoes) will be updated. The game is played from two points of view; in the upper part of the window there is a third-person enterprises (along with the ships sensors), and on the bottom of the screen is a first person point of view.