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Game Stampede (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Stampede (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Crush is a video game cartridge, which was released in 1981 for the Atari 2600 video game console, game console and later in 1982. Game left and right, a side-scroller with a top, a third party. It was published by Activision.

Activision catalog of the advertised 1982 stampede as follows:

"Ready for a little round? With the hustle company of Activision, you'll need to go quickly and rope even faster. These little guys seem to be everywhere, and they are worth points. But, be careful! A horse Your Ol can you a little harsh, especially when you take your eyes off the trail. So, the West within a few hours of fun with a crush! "

The purpose of the crush will round up all the cattle you face. To do this, each player must lasso to capture it. The player initially only allowed to miss two cattle; if the third escapes, the game is over.