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Game Space Invaders (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Space Invaders (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Space Invaders on the Atari 2600 was the first in the history of the arcade to home gaming license, it becomes a huge bestseller that it included 112 games to play with multiple variables.

Although the fundamentals of the original arcade game unchanged invaders, will be held from one side of the screen to the other, dropping a notch on each edge, they will shoot at the player, there were shelters for the player laser gun to hide under, etc. - .. There where settings and with a variety of game options.

At this time, this version had a 36 on the invaders the screen, rather than 55 as in the arcade original. He also had six different types of invaders, rather than three, plus they are also a different number of points. There, too, only three of the hopper on this version (instead of four), but after the invaders are getting closer and closer to Earth (yet another difference is that this version took place on Earth, rather than on the Moon), and not occupiers erasing them bit by bit as they plowed through the pillboxes, bunkers would simply disappear immediately.

Also, instead of being a random high point value (except for the cases when the 300 points of the secret was held), the alien ship's crew had only one set point to 200 points each time he was shot on this version (although in some cases it is only It costs 100). Without additional laser base is awarded, both the original and the invaders and shots of players also do not cancel each other out, and they simply pass through each other on this port, as well as the players and the invaders shots to move more slowly as well. There are also two small colored strips on the lower edges of the screen, point to a further point, which the players can move their laser guns.

Further amendments in connection with the patron other than playing in "normal" space invaders game include the following:

  • Move panels - panels move back and forth
  • Zigzagging laser bombs - invaders shots zigzag back and forth to land
  • Fast laser bomb - bomb the invaders quickly fall
  • Invisible invaders - invaders visible, if one (or a team of alien ship) - a shot that they then briefly again
  • Big laser cannon - switches to the complexity of the console 2600 to the position, making double laser cannons as the big players

Variations of the game, the player attitude

Not only are there a lot of options as far as some characteristics of invaders coming, but there are also many differences in relation to the player settings as well.

There are two players alternate variations, both in the original arcade game. However, there are other options, not only as players on the screen at once, but also there are several competing options such as where, if one player gets hit invader fire, the other player gets 200 points. Others include alternating frames, where if a player takes too long to fire their laser guns then it will fire automatically.

Other options include those where one player controls the gun, and the player can only move the gun to the right, while the other player can only move to the left. Other options allow one motion and one shot one player, then the second player does the same, and others have single player, moving the laser gun while the other player shoots.