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Game Smurfs - Rescue in Gargamel

Smurfs - Rescue in Gargamel's Castle (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel Castle is a video game for Atari and colecovision from 2600, in which the player must brave a series of obstacles to rescue Smurfette from Gargamel Castle. 

Gargamel Smurfette kidnapped. As Smurf, the player must reach the village through the woods and caves on the way to the castle Gargamel, Smurfette, where waiting for rescue. The player has an energy bar that depletes slowly over time.

Each side scroll screen presents various obstacles, which the player must accurately jump (e.g., fences, stalagmites) or ground (e.g., protrusions). Failure to execute any jump results in instant death. Higher levels of complexity implementation flying bats and spiders, which the player must also be avoided.