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Game Sir Lancelot (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Sir Lancelot (Atari 2600 - a2600)

You, Sir Lancelot. Astride his winged horse Pegasus, you will go on a quest to save the poor girl a prisoner in the castle of a fire-breathing dragon. As you begin your journey, winged creatures wil try to kill you, but with your enchanted spears and careful flying on Pegasus, you can overcome their problems. Accumulate points for each creature destroyed and when all are gone you get to the castle and face the dragon. Insidious dragon will not fight with you directly, because he saw the disconsolate creature outside and beathes their fire on you from behind the screen magic. Fire will not kill you, but temporarily stun the Pegasus because he can not wave wings. Slay the dragon with a spear, and you save the maiden. After the dragon is killed, you will encounter new creatures guarding another castle, and these defenders have heard of your exploits and be more difficult,

1. Purpose of the game:
To get to the castle, slay a dragon, rescue a damsel, and start another quest - points are awarded for a win over the creature - the most points wins.

2. Controls:
Play with the left button joystick and fire to control the flight of Sir Lancelot and Pegasus. One player at a time.

a) a string of digits at the bottom of the screen points to your score.
b) the following result is a series of figures for the number of lives you have left.

4. The level of difficulty:
a) how did you manage to kill the flying creatures outside the castle and the dragon guarding the girl inside, you will automatically promote a higher level of skill gaming.
b) If you want to train with a certain level of creatures, and the dragon, you can choose the level of pressing in the game select switch to the appropriate game. Move the joystick and the game will begin.