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Game Shuttle Orbiter (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Shuttle Orbiter (Atari 2600 - a2600)


You are the pilot of the space shuttle Challenger. Your mission is to complete construction of the space station in the shortest possible period of time as possible. There are ten sections remaining to be transported and installed on the space station. Forums will be available on the orbital factories. Additional fuel is available for the space station.


Once in orbit, the orbital will display. At the top of the screen is a kind of earth and various objects in orbit. White object is challenger. Gold object is the space station under construction. Red object in orbit plant, and green is the subject of the space station. Orbital debris is not displayed. On the bottom half of the screen height for the indicator. Bars indicate the relative orbital altitude of Challenger Space station, factory, and warehouse. This indicator is useful in accordance with the orbit for a rendezvous. The time elapsed since the release of the orbit and the remaining fuel on board appear at the bottom of the screen.

MAIN orbital mechanics

Tacking between the orbits followed by one main principle. If you are at a lower altitude than the other object, you will orbit the earth faster than an object. If you are at a higher level than another object, you will orbit the earth slower than the object. The greater the difference in height, the greater the relative orbital velocity. If you wish to rendezvous with an object that is in front of you, you should choose an orbit with a lower height, to get to this place. When you are close to an object, you should increase the height to match the orbit. Adjust your position by moving slightly higher to fall back, or move slightly lower, to move forward. After returning to the orbit of the object you are looking for.


When you are close to another object in orbit, you will be automatically redirected to the maneuvering display.

First you have to meet with the orbital factories in order to pick up part of the space station. You maneuver the shuttle changing orbit. If you pull down on the joystick of the orbit will be lower, and the factory will move up and to the left on the display. If you press the joystick, you will raise its orbit, and the plant will move down and to the right on the display. To save traffic and factories from drifting together or separately, you have to adjust its orbit so that the middle of the factory horizontally with the shuttle. You can maneuver the forward or back in your orbit, not gaining or losing altitude compensated using shunting engines (GUSP). You control kit by pressing the joystick left or right.

Once you are herded into a bus near the factory, press the fire button to gain control of an astronaut. Please note that the blue bar above the clock turns white when the joystick controls the astronaut returns to blue when the shuttle control lever.

Move the astronaut from the shuttle to the door at the top of the mills. Security measures require that an astronaut to be on a leash, he will remain in a cab. In addition, engines applicant can not be dismissed at the time as an astronaut is out of the shuttle. If the astronaut can not get to the door, you have to return an astronaut on the shuttle bus and maneuver around. When the astronaut reaches the door, he will be given a key for the space station. Return shuttle astronaut and once press the fire button to remove the partition and regain control of the shuttle. If you decide to pick up the second section, once again press the fire button to gain control of an astronaut and repeat the above procedure. Be sure you control an astronaut, so you do not mistakingly drive by shuttle bus to the plant. When you have loaded on the bus, press fire, so that the group above the clock and to maneuver the blue transfer from plant to your next destination. You will be automatically redirected to the orbital display, when you clearly enough in the factory.

When the shuttle is low on fuel, rendezvous with the space station. You need to align the nose hook in the slot on the left side of the depot, colliding with it. The maximum fuel load for the transfer of up to 9,000 kg.

In order to complete the space station, you have to correctly insert the last ten sections in the right place. After the rendezvous with the space station, displacement of shuttle astronauts close to the rotating station. If you hold down the fire button while the astronaut stepped out of the shuttle, space station, will slow its rotation to facilitate the introduction of the section. The section should be inserted so that it is properly associated with one of the gaps in the left side of the space station. If the partition Views Space Station or inserted into the wrong gap, it will be ruined and you have returned to the factory for replacement. If the station is inserted correctly, it will be attached to the space station. If you had a second section of the bus, the return of astronauts and space shuttle, press the fire button twice to get the second section.

Recently, the earth passed through the tail of a comet and the ring of debris that form around the Earth. The ring is rotated in the opposite direction of the shuttle. When you are close to the ring, the display will automatically shift from orbital appear until you have passed through the wreckage.

You win the game when you have successfully installed all the ten sections of the space station. Spent time in orbit and the level of difficulty of the game will be displayed.

you lose, when you run out of fuel before he could complete the space station. Spent time in orbit above shows the level of difficulty and number of sections has been successfully installed.