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Game Riddle of the Sphinx (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Riddle of the Sphinx (Atari 2600 - a2600)

As the son of Pharoh's, it's up to the player to remove the curse of Anubis, God of the dead, reaching Ra temple, and solve the riddle of the Sphinx.

Armed with a slingshot and a pile of stones, the Prince must pass by thieves and scorpions on the way. He can trade with wandering nomads seek treasure, make offerings to the gods, or to ask for advice and healing of Isis, the goddess of fertility and motherhood.

Great care should be carried out on a journey to the Prince may be weakened by thirst, which can be recharged in the oasis or of certain values. It will also support the wounds from hostile land creatures, including Anubis himself.

One day the prince visited various temples and desert makes its proposals, should he choose to make the right offer (or suggestions) to Mr. Temple. Choose wisely, and the prince rewarded. Choose poorly, and he loses the inner strength points, and Egypt is still cursed.