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Game Rampage! (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Rampage! (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Rampage - This is an arcade in 1986 Bally Midway. Players take control of gigantic monsters trying to survive against the onslaught of the armed forces. Each round ends when a specific city completely in ruins. Up to three players simultaneously control the monsters George (King Kong gorilla), Lizzie (godzillopodobny dinosaur / lizard), or Ralph (a giant werewolf), created from mutated humans. When they were men, George was an ordinary middle-aged man, Lizzie was a young woman, and Ralph was an elderly man. They experimented on Scumlabs. As monsters, they must raze all the buildings in the high-rise city, to go to the next level, eat people and destroying helicopters, tanks, taxis, police cars, boats and trucks on the road.

Monsters will be able to climb on buildings, knocking them to pieces on the way down, which will eventually bring them to ruin. Different people can also be punched or grabbed and the food can be eaten. Monster player takes damage from enemy bullets, dynamite, bombs, blows from the other monsters and falls. Damage repaired by the use of a variety of foods such as fruits, fried chicken, or even monster soldaty.Esli receive too much damage, it turns into a naked man and begins to walk to the side of the screen, covering his modesty with his hands (and in this state, other monster) can be eaten. If the player continues, man, back mutates into a monster, or flying in an airship, if off-screen, full life.

Breaking the windows open, as a rule, it shows the object or person that may be beneficial or harmful. Useful items, including food or money, while threatening include bombs, electrical appliances, and cigarettes. Some items may be, for example, a toaster is dangerous until Tostik, and the photographer must be eaten quickly before he dazzles with his player's monster outbreak, causing it to fall. When the civil presence waving their hands in the alarm window for reference points, rapidly increases when a person is caught. Each monster can only contain one type of person: George woman, Lizzie can keep the men, and Ralph can keep entrepreneurs.

Rampage is set within 128 days in cities across North America. The game begins in Peoria, Illinois and ends in Plano, Illinois. In Plano, players get a mega vitamin "bonus", which treats all the monsters and provides a big bonus. After that, the city cycle is repeated five times. After 768 days, the game resets back to 1 day.

Some of the home versions of the game to start the port in San Jose, California and end in Los Angeles, California, after going around North America. Rampage takes place in two Canadian provinces and forty-three US states. Not spared only Connecticut, Delaware, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Vermont.