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Game Rabbit Transit (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Rabbit Transit (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Rabbit Transit Atari? Yes, you read it right, this version of Rabbit Transit has been found in the case of a laboratory for temporary use Atari. It seems that Atari and Starpath could work on some kind of a deal with Starpath put versions of cassette holder supercharger game. To date, Rabbit Transit is the only name that has been detected, but others may have there.

You rabbit (thankfully, for a moment I thought I was a bushy dwarf with big ears!), Who must save his girlfriend, who was taken to the ground along the ledge evil forces unknown. To get to the Earth ledges you must journey through the mysterious meadow and meet his turtle friend. Unfortunately, meadow teeming with a variety of bad guys just waiting to take a bite out of your tail. Since your rabbit, your only defense is to quickly jump from band to band, as long as you make your way to the water (sorry, you're not fluffy dwarf after all ...).

Once you have done this to the land of the ledge you need to quickly jump in and change each protrusion from green to yellow. To make your task more difficult, there is a little boy walking along the top of the screen, falling stones. If one of these breeds makes you your dead, and in the later levels will begin to change the rock ledges back to their original color! If you can change all the tabs, you'll be rewarded with a nice intermission, showing the fruits of their labor. I guess it's true what they say about rabbits still ...

Although the gameplay is exactly the same, there are some minor differences between this version and the tape. Most of these changes are cosmetic in nature and are likely to have been added to meet the standards of Atari.