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Game Pressure Gauge (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Pressure Gauge (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Pressure Gauge - is a game that was written in 2000 as a college scholar John C. Harvey. It is not very clear, but this game is a "twitch" games, which only can you reaching for the Reset button for "just one more round." The game was inspired by the mini-games in the PlayStation called "Brave swordsman Musashi."

Gameplay is simple. On the first screen says "gauge"; from here, you can click Select to see the first home demo attempt to scroll the text (which would later be reworked and released as StickyNotes), or you can press the reset button to start the game. Little song will play, and you're on your way! The interface is as simple as can be, he uses only button. Click on the button at a time when the left "filling capacity" lined up "range" on the left of it. You within range, and you'll be rewarded with a little. The second sensor will be filled, only a little. You have to have a certain amount of success in order to fill the second sensor all the way to the top to go to the next level. Miss of the second sensor falls slightly, so you need to quickly gain the skills to completely fill the second sensor in order to go to the next level. The rightmost bar counts down the time, ran out, and it's game over!