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Game Phantom II - Pirate (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Phantom II - Pirate (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Phantom-II / Pirate homebrew cartridge with two games written by David Weavil. The Phantom II is based on an old Bally arcade midway of the same name, where your goal is to patrol the unfriendly skies and shoot down enemy bombers! The Pirate, you must study the dangerous island and find a pirate treasure Chuck DeLuc! The cartridge has a menu that lets you choose which games to play after switching on the system power.

Fighter pilots are needed!

Fight your way through the day and night zones and shoot down an enemy bomber!

Use the joystick to move your fighter and the fire button to shoot missiles. You only get one life to avoid a collision with the enemy jet planes (you're safe on the lowest level of the screen)! At night the area is not visible enemy aircraft only when the radar wave passes over them.

You start with about 60 seconds to missile version and 90 seconds in a conventional missile version. If you can reach and knock down a bomber (which requires three clicks), you will be awarded extra time (represented by the table on the left side of the screen). Enemy planes get more evasive, and you get less time to reach your goals with each successive round.

Can you find a pirate treasure "to" Chak Ledyuk? Caution! His bony corpse wandering around the island in the quest to protect it! Also watch out for the snakes and voodoo priestess!

Use the joystick to move around the island and use the fire button, to fight / pick up objects and use item / enter or exit the hut. Window color is something that you currently carry (gray - anything blue - a shovel, yellow - the sword, green - a shovel and a sword). Color display in the window shows your health. You can start with three points (3 - Green, 2 - yellow, 1 - red). Snakes 1 point each. Hits other enemies are randomly generated. There are flowers growing on the island, which will restore your health, but it works only when it is fresh. Only use it when you really need it!

Treasures are marked with "X", and you should have in your possession a shovel to dig it. Can you find the treasure before the Leduc find you?