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Game Out of Control (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Out of Control (Atari 2600 - a2600)

To complete the chosen course as quickly as possible, without going out of control. In each course you need to maneuver through a series of cosmic buoys pop ten balls and leave space in the Dock.

Select the joystick controller briefly pressing the fire button. Then select the game by moving the joystick up or down. Each set of two games use the same course. In an odd game, your spaceship responds faster than in the corresponding even-numbered game. (Game 13 and 14, it is only natural. Your ship is more responsive to changes in the game 13 than in the game 14). The number of games will be displayed above the elapsed time in the bottom of the screen. Start the race by pressing the fire button.

Move the joystick to the left to rotate the ship counter-clockwise or right to rotate the ship clockwise. When you press the fire button will provide traction in the direction the ship is moving. The ship will slowly, slowly on its own. To stop fast you need to turn your spacecraft in the opposite direction you go and shoot your engines.

You have to go cosmic buoys in the correct sequence. Space Bui, you must pass the following will be white. If this is a single space Bui, you have to pass it on the side indicated by the flashing arrow. If there is a space with two buoys you have to go between them. If there are three space Buev on the line, either still or moving, you can either go through them, or maneuver around them. If you are faced with some space buoy, you will be punished, and the need to repeat the last set of cosmic buoys you have successfully completed (currently white).

If you lose control of your spaceship and find themselves at the external borders, of course, your ship will turn red to indicate that you are outside of the display will remain red until you maneuver back on the field. (Point your ship towards the center of the screen and apply traction to get back on course. Your ship will turn blue as soon as you are back on the field.)

When you have successfully passed all the cosmic buoys in the correct sequence, the space of ten balls appear on the screen, one at a time. You have to pop each balloon, launching him to take the next balloon to appear.

When the last space balloon burst, Doc appears. You have to maneuver your spaceship inside the Docking Station and stop without hitting the dock. Only your thruster maneuvers can be used during the docking, which causes your ship to respond more slowly than during the previous sections of the course. The clock in the bottom of the screen will stop when you successfully docked. The number of games will be also be displayed.