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Game Off the Wall (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Off the Wall (Atari 2600 - a2600)

The wall is an arcade game in the style of Arkanoid game. You manage Kung Fu Lu, whose mission is to destroy the mysterious, evil walls, reflecting the ball into the bricks that make up the wall. When the bricks to beat, they will be destroyed. At the top of the screen is a mystical dragon that guards the wall. Each level can be completed either destroy all the bricks in the wall, or a dragon six times with the ball. Once the first level is completed, thrush will also appear on the screen, just below the wall. Thrush is to hit the ball, and tries to get back on track to make its mission more difficult. From time to time, a magic marker to fall down, that gives you special powers, if caught. They can make a magnetic bead and follow your player will give you a great paddle, ball or make bombs and take bigger pieces of brick. You start the game at the level of the peasant mastery and advance in the ranking every time four waves brick cleaned. You lose a life every time the ball falls into the bottom of the screen, and the game ends when you lose all five lives.