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Game Mr. Do!

Mr. Do! 's Castle (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Mr Do !, the king of arcade clowns, is confused - again! At this time a flock of pesky unicorns trampling walled corridors of his castle. Help Mr Do! to rid your home of these crafty, fast-changing (and deadly) creature with a skillful flick of the hammer. Sometimes quick blow to the head to do it. Or, perhaps, a well chosen brick knocked from the top. If you can not stop these creatures, then break a hole in the floor, to slow them down. It's up to you to know when to fight and when to run! Mounting tension as you rush, Mr. Do! through the castle maze, grabbing the key along the way. Only when Mr.! collected all the keys, he can open the door lock, and unlock an extra chance to defeat these vile creatures!