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Game Mountain King (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Mountain King (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Deep inside a long-lost diamond mine, is a temple of a long-lost civilization Chamber. Inside the chamber, a priceless golden crown sought polar world. There are many dangers in the mine, so that only the brave and skilled will be able to seize the crown, flee to the mountains, and the mountains will become king.

Scrolling platform game, Mountain King finds you in the middle of the diamond mine. You can move around on the platforms, climb and descend the stairs and jump from place to place. You also have at your disposal a flashlight that reveals a well-hidden treasure.

In order to gain access to the temple, which houses the crown, you must first take hold of the flame of the spirit, which will show themselves only after you get 1000 points, diamonds. Fortunately, diamonds, many in the diamond mine or freely scattered in bundles of 25 or are hidden in the trunks in a group of 250 people. Chests are only visible with a flashlight.

Once you get 1000 diamonds, your account becomes yellow, indicating you can now catch the flame of the Spirit. Look carefully and listen carefully to the flame of the Spirit; it flickers only for a short time and only fully visible when the lantern lit it. Spirit of Fire is always accompanied by his theme music, so listen carefully. On a more complex level, you only have a limited amount of time to find the flame of the Spirit.

Once you have received the flame of the Spirit, you can get access to the temple and seize the golden crown. After receiving the crown, you have to leave the mine and climb up the mountain to win the game.

Let your way forward a few detractors, including the cave of bats that will steal your crown from you and a giant spider that will first spin her web around you, that is you, if you do not get away in time.