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Game Merlin

Merlin's Walls (Atari 2600 - a2600)

After the last bad thing that you have done around the world disappeared, leaving you in a six square meters, without a roof, revealing a dark, black, empty sky. Suddenly, I heard a voice from above ... "I am Merlin, and should help you in your life, so you zaplutali. It seems that you were bad. Why? Because of your lack of intelligence. You make mistakes that make you unhappy and hatred grows in you. I have decided that I can not go on like this anymore. Firstly, in order to cure the disease, it is necessary to eliminate simple problems to improve their intelligence. the more complex the task, the more intelligent you are. After the last test, you can return to your life. " Then, a piece of paper fell out of the dark, and Merlin said, "is there to help you on your way to become a better person." The wall in front of you disappear.