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Game Melbourne Tatty (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Melbourne Tatty (Atari 2600 - a2600)

So you've decided to seek his destiny as an adventurer? Explore the maze of nondescript Melbourne for the elusive and valuable treasures. Just be careful, because in this maze - Wall Shift and move with his own life, in order to confuse and disorient you. And beware of the hungry wolf that wanders through the maze, looking for tasty morsel like you ... 

Tatti Melbourne has 20 levels, where your goal sounds quite simple: collect as much treasure as you can! But how fun collecting treasure, if there is no danger? This is not the usual dungeon! Every few seconds, the walls move, potentially into the trap until they move again! Now, it can not be normal that you do a lot of horror, except that you are not alone in this maze! Bad wolf chasing you relentlessly protects treasures and trying to derail your attempts to take it! And while the wall will block you, they will not stop the wolf! 

You have a tool at your disposal (well, apart from your minds!) - at the beginning of each maze you get three traps that you can place one in the maze. After placing the bait, the wolf will ignore you until it reaches the bait only to discover your deception! You have to collect ten treasures in each maze, before moving on to the next. You can go through all 20 levels and become a tasty meal for a wolf?