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Game Masters of the Universe - The Power of He-Man (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Masters of the Universe - The Power of He-Man (Atari 2600 - a2600)

You control it, man! Fly wind raider from the workshop of a man-in-arms in the lock of gray skull - 30 miles treacherous warriors guarded the evil Skeletor Sent! Land on the gray skull castle and battle Skeletor himself in a room with moving walls. Use ion cannons and Mutron bombs to destroy the Warp Trakkers and energy bolts. Use your sword power deafeat Skeletor!

Guide it through the danger-man Eterna, is 28 miles long and painful from the workshop of Maine-et-ARMS in Castle Gray Skull. Evil warriors are waiting for you along the way with energy bolts and WARP TRAKKERS. If you get to the castle gray skull, skeleton itself ready to stop you from rolling wall and shooting. Beat them all, the power of gray skull.

The object of the game is to score as many points by guiding him in-person battle against his evil enemies. In the first half of the game, he-man at the wheel of his trusty wind raider. He must fly 30 km from the studio man-in-arms in the lock of gray skulls. Almost every mile of this area could end the quest he-man. Evil warriors hurl deadly WARP TRAKKERS and energy bolts he-man as he flies overhead. It protects itself with an ion gun, MUTRON bombs and fearless flying maneuvers. With enough skill and luck, you can fly, he-man in a gray skull castle, but it is only half the battle.

As soon as you land on the lock wind Raider gray skull, you are magically projected into the dungeon room SKELETOR battle. The room has two moving walls. Each wall has three gaps. The walls are always in motion, and spaces are not all the same. He-Man uses gaps to reach SKELETOR. SKELETOR moving and firing laser blasts at the on-man, when he tries to pass through the gaps. He-man protects himself from a laser blast from the sword of power. If he touches the man SKELETOR victory played on the screen, and you can go to the next level.