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Game Mangia

Mangia' (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Mamma Mia! That's a lot of pasta! Mom brings the paste to the table. You either have to eat pasta, toss it to the cat Frankie when he was at the window, or throw it on Sergio dog when he is under the table.

You have four lives. If you eat more than 20 pasta dishes, you will snap (literally) and loses 1 life. If more than 9 pasta dishes placed on the table, it will fail and you will lose 1 life.

Eat pasta, you move the joystick to the right, then to the left. To throw the pasta with a pet, you move the joystick to the right and then up or down in one smooth motion. You should quit when her mother turns to the cat or dog in the window in the right place at the table. If you throw food on the floor or window, when the animal is not in a position, or if the mother sees that you throw pet food, it will make 3 dishes next time. Remember, the nine plates on the table and Arivederchi Una Vita (life farewell).