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Game Lady Bug (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Lady Bug (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Ladybug, insect-themed maze arcade, shall be by universal and games released in 1981. Its gameplay was inspired by Pac-Man, but with a few additions from the formula, such as the ability to change the location of the labyrinth through the jump gate.

The purpose Ladybug eat all the 'flowers', the heart and the letters in the maze while avoiding other insects. The player is a red, yellow and green character, similar to ladybird, and the appearance of enemy insects depends on the level. The boundaries of the labyrinth functions as a timer output signal from each circuit enemy insects from the central area to the (usually) not more than four. the chain speed in steps 2 and 5.

Unlike the more famous Pac-Man, the player can change the layout of the maze, the displacement of any of the twenty-green gate. It is not possible to completely isolate the part of the labyrinth through the jump gate.

When the fourth enemy insect gets into the labyrinth, Central Square will show the level of specific vegetables. Eating vegetables gives the player bonus points and immobilizes the insect enemy for a few seconds, but to touch them still deadly. Randomly placed icons skull lethal to insects ladybugs and enemy. The enemy insect that dies back to the central square. Once the vegetables eaten, Central Square will remain empty until the enemy insect dies and is re-released, revealing a new vegetable. Ladybug, who dies, will shrink out of sight and briefly replaced by icons that resemble the stereotypical angel wings and a halo.

Red Heart and letters cycle through a short red, medium yellow, but more blue. The values ​​of points as follows:

  • Flower: 10 points (20, 30, or 50 points from the corresponding factor)
  • Blue letter / Heart: 100 points (200, 300 or 500 points with the corresponding factor)
  • Yellow letter / Heart: 300 points (600, 900 or 1,500 points with the corresponding factor)
  • Red letter / Heart: 800 points (1600, 2400 or 4000 points from the corresponding factor)
  • Vegetables: starts at 1000 points, increased by 500 from each level of a maximum 9500 points on 18 level. Beyond this level, the appearance of the vegetable (horseradish) and remain fixed point value.

If the heart is consumed and it is blue, the point multiplier goes into effect, pointed to the blue section in the upper right corner of the screen. The first blue double heart all the values ​​of the points, the second and third triple of the five of them. This factor takes to complete a level. Eating heart before they red or yellow no advantage for the collected points.

At each level of the maze will contain three letters. One will be chosen randomly from the set {C, D, G, H, L} (which appear only in particular) will be randomly selected from the set {x, T, P} (which appear on the highway) and the third is A or E (which appear in both words). A secondary goal of the player-fill special words (highlighted in red in the upper left corner) and optional (yellow center). If, for example, the letter s is used, and it is red, the corresponding letter in the word special change from gray to red. Eat with at any other color (or if you have special red) does not make sense, in addition to the score. Concluding the word special rewards players with free games, while filling in addition gives the player an extra life. Completion of a word causes all of his letters.