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Game King Kong (Atari 2600 - a2600)

King Kong (Atari 2600 - a2600)

King Kong on the loose! He kidnapped the lady reached a high building and started throwing bombs the player character. The mission is simple: to climb the stairs, avoid the bombs and save the princess. Sounds familiar? Necessary. King Kong was a lousy ass clone for Atari VCS in which, inter alia, existed to justify the Universal Studios' lawsuit against Nintendo and coleco games at the time of release. Universal sued both sides claiming chtodonki Kong was an attempt to undermine their copyright on the character of the King and Hong Kong films. To prove his point, Tiger Electronics Universal granted rights to the Atari VCS cartridge and a handheld electronic game based on King Kong so that they can demonstrate that their products have been damaged Donkey Kongsi using similar concepts. In the end, however, it turned out, that King Kongavtorskoe law does not protect everyone as they artfully waited until the character of the original B & W film (produced by RKO studio) it is in the public domain before they have made a big screen remake. King Kong on the Atari VCS is equipped with about as much merit as a universal claim, with travels bombs that can easily overtake a player man (and they can climb ladders to catch it too-neat trick!), And gameplay that pales next to coleco games in the Donkey Kong games for the VCS.