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Game Ixion (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Ixion (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Ixion - port 1983 unreleased Sega coin-op with the same name, Ixion interesting game that does not seem to play as all the rest of 2600 the library. Your goal vIksion to capture five white squares scattered all over the screen and written word Ixion before your time runs out. At the beginning of each level, only certain squares can be seen, and to get around more easily, you must first identify the missing boxes. To identify missing squares, the player has to move the brown ball over the empty square. This area is usually fixed, but it can be moved or shot rammed into it. This sends a sphere bouncing around the screen, opening the squares and destroying enemies in their travels. A short time later a bouncing sphere stop, requiring the player to move it again, to show more squares. Learn how to move in the area where you want the key to the development of Ixion. Also moving on the game grid of enemy drones, who will try to destroy your ship. Unfortunately, their shots to destroy the tile, make your way is much more difficult to pass. enemy drones only have one shot to win, but they will remove the tiles when they explode. 

It is not known why Ixion was never released, but it was around this time that Sega Enterprises (Sega American division of the company) was sold in the bally. After this sale, all 2600 Sega names were Bally Midway arcade games (Tapper, spy hunter, and up-down n).