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Game Hot Action Pak - Ghostbusters, Tennis, Plaque Attack (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Hot Action Pak - Ghostbusters, Tennis, Plaque Attack (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Collected on the console Atari 2600, which includes three games, such as:

The Ghostbusters - Ghost fishing. One hit. Slime. Paranormal activity. Applications franchise. One marshmallow man. Laser flow throwers. One ectomobile. One street on the map. One temple Zuul. And a huge number of ghosts!

The Tennis - Challenge a friend, or match your reflexes against our very tight Pro computer. Here's a video tennis, which looks, sounds and plays like the real thing. Fold drop shots, rally from the base line, or attack the enemy with cross-court volleys. You can even sharp angle of your dishes to hush your way to victory. And just like real tennis, "two," "Ads," and "classified" - all part of the game. Practice in slow motion, or go all out at full speed. In any case, the company Activision-tennis is a great opportunity for tennis fans and plenty of entertainment for all fans of the game.

Attack Plaque safety - Attention! All owners of the teeth and gums are in danger! Powers of the board, entered the mouth. Now this bacterial stuff destroys your teeth, leaving cavities in its wake. This attack is a raid! Prepare for battle! Pieces of trash enemy, and they are not a piece of cake. Here come the candy and ice cream. Blast away! This glazed donuts and French fries. Oh my God! Lollipops destroy premolars! Hotdogs mangling molars! Fast! Take toothpaste. This is your only defense! Remember, there is no second chance. When teeth are gone ... it's over!