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Game Compumate (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Compumate (Atari 2600 - a2600)

In Spectravideo CompuMate SV010 was a home computer to an extension for Atari VCS / 2600 system video games released on January 6, 1983 at the winter exhibition CES (Consumer Electronics winter) in Las Vegas.

In Germany, CompuMate also sold Quelle, company directory, which are labeled under its own brand 'universe'.

In Brazil, about 1985, at least two clones CompuMate, where made by, and another known as "CompuGame electronics Milmar (" Dactar-PC ").

It consists of a membrane keyboard with the block interface connectors. These connectors were placed in the module slot, and two port controller for the Atari console. The user can place the keyboard on the old-style videoconferencing consoles, two devices resulting in a single, compact device. When used with 2600jr console, resulting in the desktop view with a separate keyboard.

In CompuMate audio jack was equipped with a standard for use as a tape connector possibility of permanent storage.

PAL and NTSC versions CompuMate there.

The proposed CompuMate firmware:

  • Microsoft basic programming language text translator.
  • Music composer very simple music synthesizer program 4 built-in demo songs (flicker, twinkle, little star, a long time ago, and my beauty bells).
  • Easel Magic very simple drawing program (40x40 pixels with 10 selectable colors) and limited animation capabilities (9 frames Cycling). Two built-in demonstration paintings (peace and Snowman).

Each of the built-in demonstration models are only available with the appropriate software.